Seasons Hunt: Autumn

The Seasons Hunt is back and again, it holds up to it's reputation. Guys, do yourself a favor and take part because there are a lot of great stores on the list. In this hunt, you're looking for a pumpkin. The pumpkin can vary in size.

Picture 1:

Scarf and Hat: NSD - Seasons Scarf/Wooly Hat
Sweater Vest: [ pivaaca ] - Cable Knitting Vest
Sweater: Sleepy Eddy - Crew Neck Sweater (Maroon)

If you're looking for a lighter look, match the sweater vest with an undershirt. The shoes from FIR & MNA coordinate well with the look.

Picture 2:

Shirt: Alphavillain - New Herald Tribune Tee
Shoes: FIR & MNA- The Ashbury Loafer
Jeans: Indi Designs - 841 Jeans Cyan Dirty Wash (Not part of the Hunt)

Mister Klaber

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