Lucky Delirium Style

Hello, new blogger here at Ocio eXtreme. I'm excited to share with you my finds in-world and hopefully it'll be of some assistance to you!

If you're tight on Lindens, but looking for quality mens clothing, head over the Delirium Style to visit their Lucky Chairs. They have three chairs with mens outfits that change every five minutes and I found that the Wildcard (?) comes up often as well. It's definitely worth the patience for complete outfits!

Picture 1:

Outfit: Delirium Style- Kick It (Lucky Chair)

Picture 2:

Outfit: Delirium Style-Madcon (Lucky Chair)

Mister Klaber

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  1. WELCOME TO OCIO XTREME Mister!!!! We are soo happy to have you in the group, amazing style, kisses!

  2. Thanks, Ciara. Happy to join the group :D