29 febrero 2012

Kobalt FreebieS

Shirt: Kobalt  Shirt all colors for 0L!!!!
Jeans: Kobalt short jeans

Jeans: Kobalt Basic jean STONE
Shirt: Kobalt Lazy sweater  linear red

Shirt: Kobalt freebie-tank top star ripped yellow
Jeans: Kobalt ripped jean moonlight (2 styles) no free

Shirt: Kobalt -hoodie-pink
Jeans: Kobalt ripped jean moonlight (2 styles) no free

Short: Kobalt -freebie-knsky-violet

Short: Kobalt -freebie-knsky-blue

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Outfit: Blah. (Mainstore) (no free)
Hair: Action Womens Hair  Audrey [February 2012 GROUP GIFT]

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"LoQ Hair"

::: O N E   S H O T   D A Y S :::

Martini Hair -Light Blonde Pack
75 Lindens For "One Shot Days"   

"One Shot Days" is a monthly event for LoQ Hair Gold Members. If you are a member of our group, you will have the chance to buy a color pack of one of LoQ hairs just for 75 Linden for one day in a month.

This month Martini Hair Light Blonde Pack is on sale! Hurry up because it will end 11.30 am SLT tomorrow (29th of February, Wednesday).

"LoQ Hair" Cobbler For Gold Members
All Colors
Hair: "LoQ Hair" Cobbler For Gold Members (Free) LoQ HAIR MAINSTORE

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28 febrero 2012


DRESS+HAIR: ""D!va""  more than 30000 group member celebration  gift

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27 febrero 2012


HAIR: RAW HOUSE :: VIP Group Gift [2.26.12]]

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KITCHEN SEX: ~CandyMetal~ Love Sex Kitchen
TATTO: sexi::tattoo:::Zion inc::::::.....

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26 febrero 2012

.:. Seil Xpression .:.

Pose: .:. Seil Xpression .:.  You can count on me, because I'm with U (New)
Gracias flakito por darme un ratito de ese tiempo tan justo que tienes últimamente, sabes que aqui tendrás una amiga para cuando lo necesites mua! Te Quiero

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25 febrero 2012


OUTFIT+SHOES+TATTO+COMPLEMENTS: Sweet Temptations :: Sarah Red

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OUTFIT-SHOES-TATTO: Sweet Temptations :: Miriam PROMO (GIFT)

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OUTFIT: ~CandyMetal~ My Sweet CandyMetal Dollarbie #4

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SHAPE: [A N A T O M Y] Denisse shape 
SHOES: ~CandyMetal~ Maniac Sandals Spring
TATTO: :::Zion inc::::...GIF:: febrero.......

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24 febrero 2012

*Bliss Couture*

 Free Fur Poncho (Members Only)

*Bliss Couture*  Fur Poncho free gif only members Group

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[G l i t z z]

Este es el nuevo MM de [G l i t z z]
[G] Silver Moon
Outfit: [G] Silver Moon / MM [G l i t z z]

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23 febrero 2012


DRESS: SLC gift february (dollarbie 1l)
SHOES: *MJS* Seductive Mauve (GROUP GIFT)

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Es hora de jugar!!!

Moda y juguetes para tu Latin Baby solo en  Baby Store

Vestido Flamenco Rojo / Red Flamenco Dress
Baby Store Train
Con un LatinBaby puedes vivir la experiencia de la maternidad disfrutando todas las facetas de un bebé en plenitud. Te divertirás, te emocionarás, te sorprenderás.

Bebe: Latin Baby de Baby Store.
Dress: Vestido Flamenco Rojo / Red Flamenco Dress Baby Store.
Tren:  Baby Store Tren /La chimenea y los enanitos tienen sonidos e interacción con tu bebé, puedes tocar cada una de las partes del tren para cambiar su color.

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TATTOO: #46 :: TPH ::    ::Fe::
PANTS: ~CandyMetal~ ToTo Pitillos Unisex Red

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21 febrero 2012

Sit Down Beside Me

It's unusual that I get any free time, but when I do, I try to keep up with what's new in Second Life. Okay, maybe I procrastinate first and drag my feet, but today I was really focused!
I've completely turned myself over to using a mesh viewer.  Kal Rau  keeps bustin' out these amazing mesh designs, so it was hard not to give in. At first, I wasn't into the mesh hype; however, creators are really starting to perfect mesh designs and I think it's time to jump aboard.

I was lucky today because I was searching on marketplace looking for a chair/stool with male poses.  At that exact time, I got a notice from Stakey about free poses w/ a chair! There are six poses total, but I'm showing you only three. So, thank you, Stakey, for reading my mind.

Hat: Entente - Slouch Beanie
Hair Base: Vaya Con Dios - Express Yourself Collection Style 6
Shirt: Kal Rau -Plaid Shirt M2 Mesh Red/Blue
Jeans:  Entente  - Deep Pocket Jeans
Shoes: GOS - Desert Boots
Chair w/ poses: Stakey - Hot Seat (0L Store Gift)

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OUTFIT: (SP) Insanity Groupgift February (UNISEX)

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20 febrero 2012

Jirka @Filthy

I don't buy skins often in Second Life, I see them as investments and I only have a few solid ones. If you ever see me in-world, you'll know I don't change skins often and when I do, it's for a specific look. I'm picky when it comes to skins, I'm looking to wear the skin more than once and I want something that is versatile.
Also, I hate changing my shape to MAKE the skin look right. I'm one of those people where I like the skin  to look good with MY shape, without having to edit the crap out of it.

The new male skin, Jirka, by FILTHY Skins, has a nice realistic quality and has great details. Too many skins are overly shaded and can look "dirty", but Jirka gets it right. I'm wearing this skin with a shape I've made and I like how it fits nicely with my proportions. 

Jirka comes in three tones: Fair, Tan, and Expresso.
There are 11 different varieties of facial hair and comes with the option of including a hair base or not.

Skin: Filthy- Jirka (Tan 08- no hb)
Hair Base: Aitui - Standard Hair Base 001

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PHOTOSTUDIO: reliquia {r} Secluded Spot with Photo Booth (FREE)
JEANS PURPLE: ~CandyMetal~ ToTo Pitillos Unisex Purple

Gracias una vez mas Stenka por ayudarme , esta vez me toco a mi ponerme felina jajaja (pero ya no mas he no te acostumbres jaja)

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[G] Carnaval

[G l i t z z]

Ya llegaron los carnavales... y nosotros traemos lo mejor en disfraces..

[G] Carnaval- Bonus Group Gift
[G l i t z z] Carnaval Orange- Bonus Group Gift
             * Top
             * Pants
             *Orange Feather
             * Nails
             * Necklace

[G] Carnaval- Pink - $50L
[G l i t z z] Carnaval Pink- $50L

             * Top
             * Pants
             *Orange Feather
             * Nails
             * Necklace

[G] Sugarlicious- $80L
[G l i t z z] Sugarlicious -$80L

             * Sculpt Top
             * Sculpt Pants
             *Sandals Skin hud
             * Feather
             * Nails (Size 10, 20, 30)
             * Necklace
             * Earring
             * Bracelets

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19 febrero 2012


SKIN:Reila Skins - Amanda tan 3
SHAPE: Reila Skins - Amanda Shape
OUTFIT: TrendStyle - Outfit Sandy ( $60L Weekends)

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~Mynerva~ Group Gift 3 Limited Time Only

Group Gift~Sara Pure
Skin: ~Mynerva~ Group Gift~Sara Pure

Group Gift 3~Milena Preview Update Latte Frec
Skin: ~Mynerva~ Group Gift ~Milena Preview Update Latte Frec

Group Gift 3~Milena Preview Update Porcelain

Skin: ~Mynerva~ Group Gift ~Milena Preview Update Porcelain

Gift Group Milena Cream Preview
Skin: ~Mynerva~ Group Gift ~ Milena Cream

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SKIN: Reila Skins - Amanda tan 3
SHAPE: Reila Skins - Amanda Shape
DRESS: TrendStyle - Cocktail Dress Asya black

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AVI SUPERWOMEN: ~CandyMetal~ Supergirl Carnaval gift

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:: PupleMoon ::

Dress: ::PM:: PurpleMoon  Special Pack Pink - $55L

::PM:: PurpleMoon   :: PM :: Special Pack Blue  - L$55

::PM:: PurpleMoon  Shirt and  Bag: :: PM :: Special Pack Purple  - L$60

::PM:: PurpleMoon  Shirt and  Bag: :: PM :: Special Pack Green  - L$60

::PM:: PurpleMoon  Love Actually Gown - Valentine's Gift

::PM:: PurpleMoon  Love Actually Gown - Valentine's Gift (accessories included)

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